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5 Tips On Cooking From A Sea Kayak

Fish is a fast, healthy and easy to prepare food. But what is better than cooking fresh fish out of the water?

When you are kicking it with your friends on sea kayaks, you get the chance to taste fish straight out of the water. Now it is time to cook these goodies for the best and most delicious meal ever.

As a matter of fact, cooking fish on a griddle is a better option for your kayaking trip. You’ll save precious weight by skipping all tins of canned food. Moreover, fresh fish are rich in healthy nutrients that you need to stay healthy. 

After a long day in the water, it will be time to have a delicious meal and chill on the beach. If you or any of your friends know how to catch fish, then you’ve got the main ingredient for the perfect dinner. Cooking fish on your sea kayak trip is not difficult if you know how to plan it well. All you need is the right set of tools and you’ll be all set.

Starting your Fire:

Your beach might have ready-made fire pits. This will make it easier for you to set up your bonfire. You can use driftwood if it is dry, dry grass, cardboard boxes or paper. Make sure that you arrange some logs in the form of a tepee to keep your fire away from the air so it stays lit up for long.

There are different types of coal that you can use to cook your fresh fish on the griddle. Pick a reliable type that lights fast and doesn’t go out easily. The best number of coal pieces should be double the diameter of your griddle. Place more coals at the top and fewer at the bottom of your fire. Use some matches or a lighter to light up the coal, logs or a rolled newspaper to get your fire started. Watch it spread and get ready for the action.

Prepare your Fish:

First, you have to remove the scales of the fish. Use a pocket knife to make sure that the scales are perfectly removed. You don’t really have to wash the fish if you’ve just caught them fresh out of the river or the sea. Just make sure that you caught an edible kind. Don’t experiment with something that you don’t really know!

Spice it Up:

Fish can taste stale if they are not seasoned well. You can pack your own mixture of herbs for a special taste before you set up on your kayaking trip. Mix some sea salt, pepper, cumin, lemon powder, garlic powder, oregano and thyme in small zip bags. When you mix all the herbs at home and keep them in small sachets, the process becomes so much easier. You can add ginger, red pepper flakes, dried mustard or whatever else you want to add to your dish. It is a matter of personal choice as mostly everything goes with fish.

Slash the upper side of the fish. Go as deep as the bones. Scratch the insides to clean the fish. Make a few cuts on the top and bottom side of the fish. Add your mixture of herbs to the insides of the fish and rub it on the outside. Squeeze some fresh lemon and rub it as well.

Heat the Griddle:

Put your griddle on top of your fire and wait until it is hot. Test it by moving your hand (carefully!) on top of the griddle to check the temperature of the air. Add some olive oil that you have already packed in zip locks or small bottles. Then carefully lower your fish into the griddle.

Watch it Sizzle:

Fish cook pretty fast. Watch as the flesh turn from translucent color to pale white. Wait until it is white and firm before attempting to flip your fish over, otherwise, it will cut in half. Use a couple of dry branches to work as your cooking tongs.

You can cook some veggies that you have brought along. Zucchini, spring onions, bell peppers and carrots go perfectly well with your freshly cooked fish. Your mouthwatering meal is waiting for you. They say nothing beats the taste of a freshly caught fish. All you have to do is try. 

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