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Something You Must Consider Before Buying Fish finder

What is fish finder and how it works

Do you know what fish finder is?

Yes, perhaps for some people, this tool is rather strange. Fish finder or sounder is defined as is a tool or instrument used to find the fish underwater by detecting reflected pulses of the sound energy, as like in sonar. Fish finder is the useful instrument that helps the fishermen to find and control the placement of their fishes. In addition, the modern fish finder shows measurements on the reflected sound with a graphical appearance that lets an operator translate information to locate groups of the fish, the bottom of water body plus underwater debris.

Fish finder tool is used both by commercial fishermen or sport. Meanwhile, the modern electronics allow too high degree integration between the marine radar, fish finder system, compass and also flexible GPS navigation systems.

Power Source and Operating Theory

Fish finder uses an electrical impulse for the main power source. In its operation, the electrical impulse from a transmitter is automatically converted into sound waves by called as hydrophone (underwater transducer) and sent it back into the water. And then when the wave hit a fish, it will be reflected back and shape of the object displays size and composition. The real extent of what could be discerned depends on the power and frequency that was transmitted.

By knowing the speed of the wave in the water between 4800 ft/s (1463 m/s) in freshwater (typical values used by commercial fish finders), 4921 ft/s (1500 m/s) in seawater, the distance to the object to reflected the wave can be considered. In addition, the process is able to be repeated up to 40 times per second and the results in the bottom of the ocean is shown versus time.

Types and Brand of Fish Finder

Besides that, fish finder also consists of many brands and types in the market area. Even they come in ranges of price. The most brand of fish finder i.e. Raymarine fish finders, Humminbird fish finders, Lowrance fish finders and still much more. It is the famous brand of American fish finder for over 30 years old. It is the innovator of side imaging Sonar technology that provides amazingly clear, picture-like images of fish, structure and the bottom. It introduced marine radios, fish finders, depth sounders and GPS systems to anglers. For the types, it consists of a range of 100 till 500. The other brands also have an own excellences.

Size and Price

For the size, fish finder comes with many design and screen size, starting from 7 inches up to 21 inches. For the simplicity, you can try using the fish finder with a smaller screen. It is easy to bring and efficient in use. But most of them are in portable series. For the price, these are also varying. For instantly, Lowrance Elite-5 Base Us Combo with 83/200 kHz with $499.00, Piranha Max Humminbird Piranha MAX 230 Portable with $199.99, Humminbird Fish finder 596c Hd Lcd Color Fish finder with $ 449.99 and still much more.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Fish Finder

Most of the people think that fish finder is the beneficial tool where our fishing job will be easier because of it and everything goes be pleasing. Fish finder comes in many design and size. Most of the fishermen prefer like to use smaller and portable fish finder due to it regards as the flexible machine that’s easy to bring in a bag when we are adventuring the sea by the ship. Talk apart from that, a fish finder is also a general tool that we think it isn’t absolutely perfect, some people said that fish finder also brings the harm impacts instead its advantages. See the advantages and disadvantages of fish finder below to ensure yourself to buy it or not.

Find Location Easily

The first advantage is situated in its function viz. to find the fish under the sea by detecting reflected pulses through the sound energy. Additionally, fish finder also helps the fishermen to control and find the place of the fishes underwater and it illustrates information to locate groups of the fish, underwater debris and even the bottom of the water body. To make easy in using it, it is also completed by high degree integration between the flexible GPS navigation systems, marine radar, fish finder system and also world compass.

Temperature and Pressure Sensitivity

There are many popular fish finder brands that offer a fabulous service. Some of those are temperature and pressure sensitivity. Some modern find finder such as Garmin, Raymarine fish finders, Humminbird and much more provide this service to know clearly information related with temperature and pressure sensitivity. In addition, it allows you to track back the movements ought to you decide to move to an alternative location when your fishing journey.


Efficient is the next advantage of the find finder. It is presented with portable version either. If you want the flexibility and easy to use, there is no loss for you to choose fish finder with the portable version. It is comfortable to operate and bring with a hand only and even comes with a colorful screen. Save it at the bag and it will be available when you need it.


In some cases, most of a Lacklustre fishing journey actually had been ruined by the speed of the boat fearing off the trolling fish. Therefore, you are able to deploy the fish finder to note and record the boat’s speed each time. Some devices also provide a useful guidance on the best speed for trolling for finding a certain area to optimize fishing potential.

Instead, the advantages based on the points above, fish finder also has negative points that we’ll show you.

Here are several disadvantages of fish finder


A fish finder is regarded as the non- affordable instrument. If you want to have excellent fish finder with excess features, probably you may need much money, more than $ 200.00. In reality, it also comes in less than $ 200.00 but some of them never offer satisfying service. In these ranges of price, they don’t support well GPS, video, boat speed info, and etc, even sometimes it is just available in black and white colors.

Get trouble when careless use

As like another machine, fish finder can experience a troubleshooting or error when you do careless use. So make sure that you use it as careful as possible to prevent undesired accident and damage.

How to Select the Best Fish Finder

Best fish finder is one of a useful tool that commonly used for most of the fisherman to find the fish underwater by detecting reflected pulses of the sound energy. It is an important tool for them because it is really efficient to bring and to use. Even it brings you for lucky to find much fish that you want.

Fish finder also uses high degree integration among the fish finder system, compass, marine radar and also flexible GPS navigation systems. There are lots of types, a brand with different price, series and also design in the market area. Even some online shops such as eBay and Amazon also sell it with some ranges of price and splash of features. But the main problem comes when you haven’t ever used it so that when you will buy it, feel the difficulties. See the tips how to select the best fish finder for yourself. What should you determine?

Display resolution

As we know that GPS units and find finder come in many ranges of screen display resolutions. The higher the resolution of the picture, it means the better the image will be shown. Choose the colors screens are wisely decision especially for the direct sunlight due to you are able to see them better and clearer. Get new to the market are the high resolution of the screens; it is almost same with your real TV at home, it certainly provides a superior image and are worth the investment if you try to afford it. For a lower budget, black and white find finder perhaps can be the alternative choice that is better than have no.


The transducer is the essential part of the find finder. It transmits the sound waves to describe visually what is below the water surface. An essential consideration when choosing a transducer is about ‘cone angle’ or how wide a beam the transducer transmitted. The wider the degree of the cone, it means the larger the view of what lies beneath. And when you move deeper, the sensitivity begins to diminish but the cone angle widens. Frequency is also considered on the transducer. Commonly it comes with 50, 83, 200 or 192 kHz. The highest frequencies between 192 up to 200 kHz works well in shallow water while the low frequency works properly in the deep water.

Portable or Fixed

Fish finder comes in two models, portable and fixed. For those who rent boats, a portable fish finder version is the better choice. These are compact in its size and come with a bringing the case and more essentially, they present as proficiently as a fixed unit. In addition, the fixed fish finders are really best for the boat owners. They can be applied easily where you want, the flexible wires can be saved under the floorboards or bow and out of danger way.

Power and Ease To Use

The power of a unit actually is measured in watts – the stronger the wattage, the more efficient your unit would be (means the faster readouts). Besides that, the shallower the water around the fish, it means that the lesser power that you need. For those who prefer fishing in the deep water like a saltwater or Great Lakes, we recommend you to choose the most powerful unit can be afforded. In conclusion, to select the best fish finder, you’d better consider those important points above in order to get many advantages in all terms.

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